China Glaze Safari collection Swatches

I picked up this set of 3 polishes from the China glaze Safari collection a couple of weeks ago and I thought I’d post a review and swatches on them. The set includes 3 beautiful colors that are great for the fall.

Exotic Encounter

A beautiful teal green creme polish, with blue undertones. This is one of the nail polishes that I was really looking forward to. The formula for this polish is great, and opaque with 2 coats (I use 2 coats for all my swatches unless they aren’t as opaque and need more.)

Purr-fect Plum

The name describes it all. I’ve been looking for the perfect plum nail polish for a while now, and this nail polish is definitely it. This also was opaque with 2 coats. I know I’ll be wearing a lot of it this fall.

I’m Not Lion

I already have a gold glitter (Bring On The Bling from the OPI Burlesque collection) but that gold is darker, has bigger chunks of glitter and has specs of green and a little bit of red in there. This glitter is more of a light gold, with micro glitter and specs of silver.  I could definitely wear this with a lot of my Indian suits.

Just for comparsions heres a swatch of Bring On The Bling.

Overall I’m in love with this collection for the fall and I might pick up a few more colors from this collection. I can’t wait for the winter collections to start coming out!


Aritzia Warehouse Sale 2012: Haul and tips on surviving the sale.

One of my favorite clothing stores is Aritzia and one of the reasons why I love it is because it started off in Vancouver BC, where I’m from. Every year around the end of August, and early September (usually the Labour Day weekend), Aritzia holds its Warehouse sale. I started going to the warehouse sales in 2007, when I found out about them on this website called mallvibes (ever since then I’ve been hooked to mallvibes!).

So I went on the first day of the sale that was open to the Public on Thursday. We got to Canada place by 6:08AM, and there were already 50-70 people in front of us. My cousin was a little disappointed because we didn’t beat last year when we were the 10th people in line but hey what can you do. We waited till they opened the doors at 8: oo and got in within 5 minutes.

Once getting in, it was on! I had a small side bag that I didn’t need to get checked in, so I ran to $15-20 rack (tank tops that usually go fast.) I didn’t know what I wanted to get going in other then a couple of oversized sweaters, maybe a sweater dress from Wilfred and another Wilfred Diderot sweater but I kept an open mind because you never know if they’re going to have the things you want. Making a specific list will only lead to disappointment if don’t end up finding it. I mean I picked up this Wilfred sweater dress (don’t know the name of it, and it isn’t in the catalogue.) and when I went to try it on in the changing room (which are just 2 tents with several mirrors, which is a huge upgrade from pervious events.)some girl grabbed it from my pile as I was changing!

After spending an hour in there, we got out 9:08 AM (there got to be too many people and it was getting overwhelming.) By then the line had gotten so bing that it stretched to outside the new Vancouver Convention Center.

I spent $111.96. If I had bought everything regular priced, I would have spent $215 ($240.80 with tax), so I saved $103.04.

So here’s what I got:

Wilfred Diderot sweater (also known as the Batwing) in a like an aqua color $39.99-I bought the black one at last year’s sale and I love it! It’s really warm and perfect for the winter. The small stud details in the front and back add a nice touch.

TNA Newport Raglan T-shirt hot pink with light pink stripes $19.99- My cousin grabbed me this one, since I was looking for sweaters (or t-shirts as TNA calls them.) It’s really soft and a great staple to have. The rolled up selves give it more that lounge look.

TNA Newport T-Shirt with orange stripes $19.99- They had racks of these in the beginning but as we were leaving I didn’t see that many left. Also be careful! Some of these were marked $32.99 while others (like the one I got) were marked $19.99

TNA Pomona T-shirt Beige with gray stripes $19.99- Similar to the Newport Raglan T-shirt but a little more sheer, but has the same rolled up sleeves.

So I did end up getting the things I had in mind. The Wilfred Diderot sweater though was complete luck. My cousin had found one randomly. Like I said, this year the sale was at Canada place which is a better location then last year at Gastown, which caused a lot of traffic since little girls where getting dropped off by their parents and some girls crossing the street were not looking where they were going.

*Update: September.02.2012

I went to the warehouse sale again today! We got there at 9:30, got in at 10:05, so the line wasn’t that bad. They brought out racks whenever a section was cleared; So we waited for racks to come out for about 2 1/2 hours, hoping to get my cousin a Wilfred Diderot sweater. We saw 2 girls find 2, so we guessed that they were randomly on different racks and decided to wait untill more racks came out. Our patience paid off, because as one rack came by, my cousin noticed a creme/biege Wilfred Diderot sweater and grabbed it. Luckly it was in her size. In the end we left at 12:30 pm, and I spent $44.77

TNA neon Pomona Raglan t-shirt in Hot Coral $19.99

Talula tank top with different layers in Neon $9.99

Wilfred free Aramis Tank in Rive $9.99

Survival tips and other helpful tips.

  • One of the best days to go is the first 2 days. If you do end up going, go in the morning since they bring out new stock every day. If you want to get in at 8: ooAM, make sure you get there at least an hour before or even before that.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes. With the waiting, and going through the racks the last thing you want to do is be uncomfortable or wearing too much. It can get really stuffy in the warehouse since there are so many people in there.
  • Wear a modest bra and underwear. There aren’t any individual change rooms. It’s just 2 huge tents with a lot of mirrors inside (more mirrors then last year’s so it’s a step up.) But sometimes it’s faster to try it on in a corner.
  • Don’t bring a big purse. There’s a mandatory coat check so bring something like small side bag, or better yet a wristlet. I chose to take my side bag which is pretty small. It’s just enough to hold my phone and barely fit my wallet.
  • Go to the sale with a friend or a group of friends. Especially if you want to go early. In previous years the warehouse locations have been a bit sketchy. This year though it’s at Canada place which is fine. With the waiting and going through the racks, it’s just better to take a friend. They can scout one side of the warehouse and you another. You can grab each other’s sizes and meet somewhere. Its saves time and energy.
  • When your grabbing things off the rack, leave the hangers on the rack. It takes a whole lot of weight out of your arms and it’s easier to walk through the sale without getting hooked into someone else every 5 minutes. Please DO NOT THROW the hanger to the floor. Not only is it rude and disrespectful to the people working at the warehouse sale but it’s a hazard to people walking in between rack aisles.
  • If you can grab a TNA tote bag to stuff your stuff in while you look around the sale. It helps you carry the stuff without any hassles and there’s less chances of you dropping things.
  • Watch your clothes when you’re in the change room. I kid you not, in past warehouse sales some peoples own clothes that they came in wearing had been stolen.
  • If you really like something in your pile, make sure you keep your eye on it. Like I said I really liked this Wilfred sweater dress in my pile, but I turned my attention for one second and someone took it from my pile.
  • If you’re not sure about the piece of clothing you’re going to buy then don’t buy it! All sales are final so you can’t go back and return it. Don’t buy something for the sake of it being on sale. If you have to convince yourself to get it, that tells you something.
  • Look in the bins in the changing room. Sometimes you can find treasures in there.
  • Please look through your clothes carefully. Some of the clothing on the racks had holes, snags, some buttons were missing and some zippers didn’t work.
  • Check the prices on your clothes. If you see the same shirts, see if the price is the same as yours. The TNA Newport shirt with orange stripes that I bought, one was $32.99 while another was $19.99.
  • This one is for some parents out there. PLEASE don’t bring your kids with you to the warehouse sale. This lady brought in a stroller and her 4 year old; both kids did not want to be there. Then I also saw a 6 year old trying to keep up with her sister and her friends. I’ve also heard stories of kids getting lost because of how busy the sale can get. So please for the sake of your child, leave them at home.
  • To the people who budge in the line. When the security guard and the people behind you tell you to go the back of the line because they been there since 4 or 6 and you happened to somehow budge your way into the line, don’t ignore them like they’re not there. Seriously some people are so rude and disrespectful (no offensive to any of you still in highshool but majority of the time they are highschoolers or little girls.)
  • And one last thing. Make sure you check your clothes when you’re done checking out. Last year they left 3 security tags on some of the things I got. It was a hassle to go into the store and get them off.

Portland Haul!

So my family and I went on our annual trip to Portland,Oregon last weekend.We have family down there, and while were there we also go shopping (no tax!). I would have posted sooner but I’ve been sick since Monday so I haven’t had a chance to upload anything.
So here are the things I bought:

-Large Coach wristlet from the Coach Factory outlet. On sale for $69 from $98, then 30% 0ff that so cost only $48

-Urban Decay 24/hour shadow pencils

-Clinique clarifying lotion in number 3

-Clinique moisturizing lotion (my mom’s not mine. I use the gel.)

-Clinique City block sunscreen SPF 25 X2

-Clinique mild facial soap

-Clinique even better foundation SPF 15, in shade 02

-Clinique moisture surge tinted moisturizer in shade 02

-Clinique 7 day scrub (sample given by the lady at the Clinique counter.)

– 24 lipstick holder from the container store

-8 pocket handbag file holder from the container store

-5 for $5 anti bacs from bath and body works

-Clean and clear blackhead eraser

-Clearasil acne and marks scrub

-Style station from the container store

-Buttoned up white top from guess

-Beige Capri’s from Guess

-Denim leggings from Guess

-Michael Kors top from Nordstrom Rack

-Lace sweater from Ross

-Decree ankle length jeans for $8 (on clearance!)

-Decree Jeggings

-Raspberry buttoned up top from Nordstrom Rack

-Red top with lace detailing on the sleeves $5 from JC penny

-Caslon salmon pink dress from Nordstrom Rack $11.60 from $68!

-Caslon yellow stripped tank top $7.80 from $39.99

-Mickey Mouse shirt with United Kingdom flag $5

-MW3 shirt $10

-Black Ops Shirt $5

-August silk blue cardigan

-Love beige sweater shirt

-Orange maxi dress from Ross $10

-Pink simple t-shirt from Ross $8

Past years hauls:



and the previous years before that are individual pictures so there are too many to upload. I might combine them all together and post them later on.

DIY: Wall Decals

Supplies used:

  • Contact paper from Walmart $1.99
  • Sharpie
  • Stencils
  • Paint (if your going to paint it rather then leave it the color it is)
  • Scissors

Steps on how to get the stencils on word:

DIY: Makeup Vanity

Supplies used for the revamped mirror:

-1 old mirror (given as a house warming gift for our old house but wasn’t used because it didn’t fit in with the decor and was too small)

-1 kylon spray can Black matte $7.99 (from Michaels)

-1 silver spray can $1.99 (from Michaels and on clearance!)

-Stencils from Dollarama $1.25

Total: $11.25

Supplies used for the Desk part of the vanity:

-1 Micke desk from IKEA $59.99

-1 custom cut glass from a local shop $20

-1 pack of 10 5cm by 5 cm mirror tiles from Michaels $1.95 (with coupon)

-1 pack of 25 1cm by 1 cm mirror tiles from Michaels $1.95 (with coupon)

-Gorilla glue (already had some at home)

-Pencil (marking the places for the mirror tiles)

-Ruler (for the positioning the mirror tiles)

Total: $83.90

Grand total for the whole vanity: $95.15

For a while now I had wanted a place to put my makeup without it getting in the way or cluttering up my dresser. I used sterilte storage drawers for about 2 years and didn’t like how my makeup was stored.

I wanted to get a vanity but all the ones I was looking at were $150 or more. I wanted something that was under a hundred and I had this picture in my mind on how it was going to look like. So I went onto the IKEA website to get inspired. I came across the Malm table but I was disappointed that they didn’t carry it black/brown but just in white (it was discontinued). I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get it then, yes I could paint it but that would be such a hassle. Then I measured the space where I was going to put it in my room and it was too big.  Another thing was that I don’t own alot of makeup, and the Malm table was too big for my collection.  So I started to look at all the tables that IKEA had and came across the Micke desk. It was the right size and color. The best part, it was $59.99 ($49.99 if you live in the states), the price of the desk would give me enough money to play around and customize the desk to how I saw it in my head. I started to picture what I could do with the desk and that was it! I headed to IKEA the next day and picked it up.

*stock image from the IKEA website

Now for the Mirror. It was hard to find one that I liked that was under $20 and would fit on the desk. The ones I came across that I liked were over $40. I remembered we had an old mirror lying around in the garage that no one was using. I decided to just use that mirror and revamp it.

I went to Michaels picked up some supplies. For the mirror I got 1 spray can of black paint, and for the details on the mirrors (I didn’t want a plain one) a silver can. I didn’t want to free hand the designs so I went to the dollar store (stencils at Michaels were expensive, even with the 40% off coupon!) and found some stencils with the designs I had in mind.

Spray painted the mirror then using a brush (spray canning the design on causes it to drip as the stencil isn’t that strong) added the details I wanted.

Voila and there was the mirror I wanted.

Then after that I headed to Michaels to pick up the supplies. I have mirrored furniture so I wanted to bring that element to the table. I found mirrored tiles that were 5 by 5 cm and smaller 1cm by 1cm ones.

Before gluing on the mirror tiles, I used tape to place them. Once I liked how the layout looked, I started to glue them on. I used 4 of the big tiles and 6 tiles.

Since this was a makeup vanity I wanted to get a glass top so it would protect the desk and also make it easier to clean. I was looking around to see if IKEA had any that matched the Micke desk sizes, but no luck. I then called up local places, found the best deal and got it custom cut.

Overall I am so happy with the end result. The makeup vanity is exactly how Imagined it. Like I said before, makeup vanity’s can be expensive; this is great way to get one without breaking the bank.