DIY Cafe Sign

For the blog


It’s been way too long since I’ve posted a youtube video! Of course the first one back would be a DIY!

I came up with this idea when I noticed our “breakfast bar” (aka the place where we have all our counter top appliances that we just happen to use mostly for breakfast!) looked a little dull. I also really into chalk labels and paint at the moment so this was just perfect!

Supplies used:

  • Chalkboard easel $5.39
  • Picture frame $4.00
  • Hot glue
  • Gold arylic chalk paint
  • A paint brush

Total $9.39

*Obviously your total will be different depending on if you already have the supplies or where you purchase them from!

Check out the video!


Portland and Aritzia Warehouse sale 2013 Haul

So my family and I went on your annual trip to Portland, Oregon last month and I never got around to posting the video haul of the stuff I got. Mostly due to the fact I got a new HD camera and the file size of the video’s are so much bigger and when I finally edited the video it took forever to upload to youtube. So after sorting all the issues , its finally up!

I also didn’t get to go to the Aritizia Warehouse sale on the first day (I was still in Portland) so I didn’t get alot. If you want to see last years Aritzia warehouse sale haul check out the post

So here are the things  I bought in Portland:

  • Hot bun hair elastics
  • Urban Decay eye shadow palette
  • Butter London Nail polishes
  • 5 Hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works (2 Paris amours, 2 Carribean Escapes, and 1 Midnight Pomegranate)
  • Converse socks
  • Adidas Track pants (with coral stripes)
  • Matching Adidas track jacket
  • Decree strapless jean dress
  • Michael Kors purple beaded top
  • Lace skull sweater
  • Leopard print sleeveless blouse
  • Steve Madden Jeggings
  • Forever 21 quilted bag
  • Red lace dress
  • 2 Assassins Creed Graphic Tee’s
  • Decree tank tops in Black and Creme
  • Cropped sleeveless jean jacket
  • Green polka dotted shirt
  • 2 Hello Kitty PJ’s
  • Blue Guess Capri’s
  • Simply Vera by Vera Wang Leopard print leggings
  • Pink Rock and Republic jeans
  • Hello Kitty overnight shirt
  • Blue Guess sweatpants
  • Red Guess sweatpants

From the Aritzia Warehouse Sale:

  • 2 Wilfred free Aramis Tanks at $9.99 each
  • 1 green Wilfred free shirt $9.99


Check out last years Portland Haul:

DIY-Seashell art (another idea for the UNG Drill frame/mirror from IKEA)

Hey Guys!

I’m back with another way to use the IKEA UNG Drill Mirror/frame! Can you tell I love these frames?!

So I was at IKEA last month and came across the white IKEA UNG Drill frame on sale for $10! I couldn’t resist! I knew the perfect place for it would be in my bathroom. Once I got it home, I thought what am I going to put in it? I looked at silhouettes and everything but thought it wouldn’t look nice in my bathroom. Then I thought about it, I’ve always wanted to have a beach theme in my bathroom but never fully committed to it because I thought it might look tacky.

Now I looked at beach themed bathrooms all over and found that if you have everything matching (like beach towels, soap dispensaries, tooth brush holder, bathroom matt, shower curtain and etc) it does look kind of tacky. So the thing I learned from one of the pictures was key pieces, and not to overwhelm your bathroom with everything associated with the beach.

Anyways I came with this cool idea after seeing some Seashell art. I saw a lot of people use cork board as a look for sand, but I didn’t want to use corkboard, I wanted to use real sand. So off I went to Michaels with my coupons in hand and a list of the supplies I needed.

Supplies used:

  •  UNG Drill Frame  from IKEA $10
  • Seashells (from a trip to California in 2008, but you can actually find seashells at Dollarama for $1.00!)
  • Pack of 3 starfish $4.19 (regularly $6.99)
  • Sand from Michaels $3.99 ( with coupon, regularly $5.49)
  • Hot glue gun $2.99
  • Hot glue gun sticks $1.25
  • Elmer’s White school glue (had some laying around)
  • 2 Styrofoam cups
  • A paint brush
  • Krylon low odor clear finish $4.50 (to protect from moisture, and lock and seal everything in after you’re finished)

Grand total: $26.92

*Obviously your total will be different depending on if you already have the supplies or where you purchase them from!

Check out my YouTube video for step by step instructions!

MAC’s Archie’s Girls collection

Are you a makeup lover? Did you love the Archie comics as a kid?  Then the latest collection from MAC is for you!

Lately I’ve been really into getting out of my comfort zone and trying out different lip colors. Before I would tend to stay with light pink/nudes and I thought it would be time for a change.

(Pink  Pigeon and Party Parrot)

I really liked 3 colors from MAC’s Strength collection (Pink pigeon, Strong woman, and Party parrot) but only got 2 since Party parrot was sold out. I was really bummed because party parrot was a perfect coral color that would be perfect for the spring/summer.

My cousin had been talking about the Archie’s girls collection since early December and I didn’t really get excited until the lipstick colors were unveiled. The lipstick colors are gorgeous! A lot of the colors would be perfect for Spring and Summer. The rest of the collection though, have a lot of dupes, and I wasn’t excited for them. Also, it’s an collab with Archie Comics! I loved Archie comics when I was little, I would always grab one whenever we went grocery shopping, while were checking out.

So I got to go to the Archie’s launch event at the Robson MAC pro store with my cousin ( who is a MUA) on Tuesday (Feb.5) and see the collection before it got released to the public. This was the first time I’ve been to an event like this. They served drinks, appetizers, and even a photo-op with Archie! Overall it was pretty cool, but the fact that we did’nt get all the lipstick colors we wanted. They opened at 7 and by 8:30 all the lipstick colors except “Girl next door” were sold out. We were pretty bummed and took out our sorrows at Cactus Club on Burrad ( where I finally used my $10 complimentary card that I got 4 years ago!) We knew if we wanted to get the rest of the  lipsticks we would have to get up early on Thursday since collections like these get sold out really quickly.

My cousin got to the store at 8:45 on thursday, and was the first person in line. By 10 ( when the store opened) there were 7 people behind her. We ended up getting all the lipsticks we wanted.

In the collection, there are 6 lipsticks. 3 are from the Betty line, and 3 are from the Veronica Line. Personally I liked Betty’s line because of the light, soft colors that I could imagine using for the spring/summer. But there are some nice colors from Veronica line as well.

with light

without light

I ended up getting (from left to right ) Daddy’s little girl, Ronnie Red, Betty bright ( the one I was most excited about!) and Girl next door.

Swatche’s from Left to right: Ronnie red, Betty Bright, Girl next door.  (Didn’t get to swatch Daddy’s little girl because it was sold out, and one of the girls had already taken it.)

Daddy’s little girl: Is a midtone pink violet in a satin finish.

Ronnie Red: A bright red in a matte finish. I missed out on the Marilyn Monroe “Charmed, I’m sure.”  so I made sure I got Ronnie red. I always remeber Veronica wearing a red lipstick.

Betty Bright: A Light vibrant peach in a satin finish. Betty bright has to be one of the most unique of all the other lipsticks. It looks more like a coral then a peach though.

Girl next door: A vivd blue pink in a lustre finish.

Overall, I  Love this collection! The packaging is cute, and the colors all work for the spring and summer seasons. I would defiantly recommend grabbing something from this collection, if you still can (if theres anything left.) As with all MAC collections with special packaging, it costs about $2 more then the regular products (lipsticks were $20.00.)

The collection came out online on January 31st 2013,  and to the public in stores on Febuary 7th 2013.

*Thanks to my cousin for the Pink pigeon and Party parrot swatches pictures, as well as some pictures from the MAC event. Follow her on youtube @urbandecayjunkie21, and on Instagram @uma_21

DIY- IKEA UNG Drill into a piece of art for any room

The UNG Drill Mirror/frame are really popular items from IKEA. You’ve probably seen it on many TV shows like Pretty Little Liars, The Secret Circle (so sad it got canceled.) and etc.

When I first came across the UNG Drill I fell completely in love with it. It went perfectly with my room and everything! The only thing that was holding me back was the price tag at the time ($30, which doesn’t seem like a lot but if I wanted to personalize it, the costs would add up.) Over the summer (or before then I’m not entirely sure) IKEA dropped the price to $20. About 2-4 weeks ago I went to IKEA with my cousin because she was going to buy the UNG Drill Mirror for her makeup vanity. I decided to pick it up as well. But the thing was I didn’t need another mirror but the frame went with my room so nicely, I couldn’t resist! So instead it lay on the floor for a couple of weeks until I came up with this idea which is quick and easy.

Supplies used:

  •  UNG Drill Damask mirror from IKEA $20
  • Damask wrapping paper from Michaels $4.19 ( with coupon, regularly $6.99)
  • Cardboard (using the packaging that came with the Mirror)
  • Glue ( bought a 10 pack of Elmer’s glue stick during the back to school sale for $3.50)
  • Scissors

Grand total: $24.19

Overall, I’m so happy about how it turned out, and can’t wait to get started on the other one. I’ll be doing   a room tour soon, when my room gets to where I want it to be.

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow pencil stash Swatch/Review

So in August I went to Portland Oregon, and if you noticed in that post I bought this set of 5, travel sized Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow pencils. The set comes with 3 neutral shades and 2 bright shades. What really sold me on this set had to be the purple shade (Delinquent) and the blue shade (Clash).

Nordstrom rack had a lot of Urban Decay makeup on sale from June-August (the times I went to the States) and had amazing deals on them as well. If you follow me on instagram, back in May I went to Seattle to get some formal wear for my brother for his grad, and I bought the Urban Decay Primer Potion for $8.97 (it came in the old packaging which is probably why it was on sale at Nordstrom Rack) and they also had other fabulous deals but unfortunately I didn’t have time to look around more carefully.

*From left to Right: Delinquent, Rehab, Juju, Sin, Clash.

The pigmentation in these shadow pencils is amazing, just what you would expect from Urban Decay. The price (if you get it from Nordstrom rack or any other discounted place) is also appealing for $12.

I am in love with this purple! It’s a beautiful deep purple with specks of little purple shimmer. Defiantly great for fall/winter!

Rehab is a vibrant deep bronze that would look good on any skin tone. This shade is wearable year round, and is a perfect neutral shade.

A frosted shimmer taupe, kind of similar to MAC’s Woodwinked.

Sin is a pale pink/champagne shade, which is also in the Urban Decay Naked palette.

This is my most favorite shade in this set! Clash is an electrifying blue with silver sparkles.

  • Crease proof
  • Creamy consistency (compared to MAC shade sticks)
  • Very pigmented
  • It really is waterproof!
  • No glitter fallout
  • Perfect combo with 3 neutral shades and 2 bright colors.
  • Vibrant colors
  • Last’s all day


  • Not blendable (so I would use it only on the lid, or as a liner.)
  • When taking off Delinquent it stained, so it was harder to take off.

Overall these eye shadow pencil’s live up to their name. I would repurchase them but not at full price. Their good but I wouldn’t pay full price ($24 CA) for them. I would wait until they go on sale.