DIY-Seashell art (another idea for the UNG Drill frame/mirror from IKEA)

Hey Guys!

I’m back with another way to use the IKEA UNG Drill Mirror/frame! Can you tell I love these frames?!

So I was at IKEA last month and came across the white IKEA UNG Drill frame on sale for $10! I couldn’t resist! I knew the perfect place for it would be in my bathroom. Once I got it home, I thought what am I going to put in it? I looked at silhouettes and everything but thought it wouldn’t look nice in my bathroom. Then I thought about it, I’ve always wanted to have a beach theme in my bathroom but never fully committed to it because I thought it might look tacky.

Now I looked at beach themed bathrooms all over and found that if you have everything matching (like beach towels, soap dispensaries, tooth brush holder, bathroom matt, shower curtain and etc) it does look kind of tacky. So the thing I learned from one of the pictures was key pieces, and not to overwhelm your bathroom with everything associated with the beach.

Anyways I came with this cool idea after seeing some Seashell art. I saw a lot of people use cork board as a look for sand, but I didn’t want to use corkboard, I wanted to use real sand. So off I went to Michaels with my coupons in hand and a list of the supplies I needed.

Supplies used:

  •  UNG Drill Frame  from IKEA $10
  • Seashells (from a trip to California in 2008, but you can actually find seashells at Dollarama for $1.00!)
  • Pack of 3 starfish $4.19 (regularly $6.99)
  • Sand from Michaels $3.99 ( with coupon, regularly $5.49)
  • Hot glue gun $2.99
  • Hot glue gun sticks $1.25
  • Elmer’s White school glue (had some laying around)
  • 2 Styrofoam cups
  • A paint brush
  • Krylon low odor clear finish $4.50 (to protect from moisture, and lock and seal everything in after you’re finished)

Grand total: $26.92

*Obviously your total will be different depending on if you already have the supplies or where you purchase them from!

Check out my YouTube video for step by step instructions!


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