MAC’s Archie’s Girls collection

Are you a makeup lover? Did you love the Archie comics as a kid?  Then the latest collection from MAC is for you!

Lately I’ve been really into getting out of my comfort zone and trying out different lip colors. Before I would tend to stay with light pink/nudes and I thought it would be time for a change.

(Pink  Pigeon and Party Parrot)

I really liked 3 colors from MAC’s Strength collection (Pink pigeon, Strong woman, and Party parrot) but only got 2 since Party parrot was sold out. I was really bummed because party parrot was a perfect coral color that would be perfect for the spring/summer.

My cousin had been talking about the Archie’s girls collection since early December and I didn’t really get excited until the lipstick colors were unveiled. The lipstick colors are gorgeous! A lot of the colors would be perfect for Spring and Summer. The rest of the collection though, have a lot of dupes, and I wasn’t excited for them. Also, it’s an collab with Archie Comics! I loved Archie comics when I was little, I would always grab one whenever we went grocery shopping, while were checking out.

So I got to go to the Archie’s launch event at the Robson MAC pro store with my cousin ( who is a MUA) on Tuesday (Feb.5) and see the collection before it got released to the public. This was the first time I’ve been to an event like this. They served drinks, appetizers, and even a photo-op with Archie! Overall it was pretty cool, but the fact that we did’nt get all the lipstick colors we wanted. They opened at 7 and by 8:30 all the lipstick colors except “Girl next door” were sold out. We were pretty bummed and took out our sorrows at Cactus Club on Burrad ( where I finally used my $10 complimentary card that I got 4 years ago!) We knew if we wanted to get the rest of the  lipsticks we would have to get up early on Thursday since collections like these get sold out really quickly.

My cousin got to the store at 8:45 on thursday, and was the first person in line. By 10 ( when the store opened) there were 7 people behind her. We ended up getting all the lipsticks we wanted.

In the collection, there are 6 lipsticks. 3 are from the Betty line, and 3 are from the Veronica Line. Personally I liked Betty’s line because of the light, soft colors that I could imagine using for the spring/summer. But there are some nice colors from Veronica line as well.

with light

without light

I ended up getting (from left to right ) Daddy’s little girl, Ronnie Red, Betty bright ( the one I was most excited about!) and Girl next door.

Swatche’s from Left to right: Ronnie red, Betty Bright, Girl next door.  (Didn’t get to swatch Daddy’s little girl because it was sold out, and one of the girls had already taken it.)

Daddy’s little girl: Is a midtone pink violet in a satin finish.

Ronnie Red: A bright red in a matte finish. I missed out on the Marilyn Monroe “Charmed, I’m sure.”  so I made sure I got Ronnie red. I always remeber Veronica wearing a red lipstick.

Betty Bright: A Light vibrant peach in a satin finish. Betty bright has to be one of the most unique of all the other lipsticks. It looks more like a coral then a peach though.

Girl next door: A vivd blue pink in a lustre finish.

Overall, I  Love this collection! The packaging is cute, and the colors all work for the spring and summer seasons. I would defiantly recommend grabbing something from this collection, if you still can (if theres anything left.) As with all MAC collections with special packaging, it costs about $2 more then the regular products (lipsticks were $20.00.)

The collection came out online on January 31st 2013,  and to the public in stores on Febuary 7th 2013.

*Thanks to my cousin for the Pink pigeon and Party parrot swatches pictures, as well as some pictures from the MAC event. Follow her on youtube @urbandecayjunkie21, and on Instagram @uma_21


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