Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow pencil stash Swatch/Review

So in August I went to Portland Oregon, and if you noticed in that post I bought this set of 5, travel sized Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow pencils. The set comes with 3 neutral shades and 2 bright shades. What really sold me on this set had to be the purple shade (Delinquent) and the blue shade (Clash).

Nordstrom rack had a lot of Urban Decay makeup on sale from June-August (the times I went to the States) and had amazing deals on them as well. If you follow me on instagram, back in May I went to Seattle to get some formal wear for my brother for his grad, and I bought the Urban Decay Primer Potion for $8.97 (it came in the old packaging which is probably why it was on sale at Nordstrom Rack) and they also had other fabulous deals but unfortunately I didn’t have time to look around more carefully.

*From left to Right: Delinquent, Rehab, Juju, Sin, Clash.

The pigmentation in these shadow pencils is amazing, just what you would expect from Urban Decay. The price (if you get it from Nordstrom rack or any other discounted place) is also appealing for $12.

I am in love with this purple! It’s a beautiful deep purple with specks of little purple shimmer. Defiantly great for fall/winter!

Rehab is a vibrant deep bronze that would look good on any skin tone. This shade is wearable year round, and is a perfect neutral shade.

A frosted shimmer taupe, kind of similar to MAC’s Woodwinked.

Sin is a pale pink/champagne shade, which is also in the Urban Decay Naked palette.

This is my most favorite shade in this set! Clash is an electrifying blue with silver sparkles.

  • Crease proof
  • Creamy consistency (compared to MAC shade sticks)
  • Very pigmented
  • It really is waterproof!
  • No glitter fallout
  • Perfect combo with 3 neutral shades and 2 bright colors.
  • Vibrant colors
  • Last’s all day


  • Not blendable (so I would use it only on the lid, or as a liner.)
  • When taking off Delinquent it stained, so it was harder to take off.

Overall these eye shadow pencil’s live up to their name. I would repurchase them but not at full price. Their good but I wouldn’t pay full price ($24 CA) for them. I would wait until they go on sale.


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